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Zealot Frenzy is a 3v3v3v3 game that players choose heroes and battle to kill each others bases by tiering, getting items, and/or getting mercs.

It is a remake of the game "Footman Frenzy".


Zealot frenzy consists of 4 teams of 3 people fighting for survival. Much of the game is based upon upgrading and levelling up a chosen hero as he is more powerful than your standard unit. The base automatically spawns units based on what tier the player is on. To begin with, a player is on tier 0, which spawns zealots. Upgrades cost minerals, the primary resource of the game. Every time a player kills an enemy unit, he gets minerals, which varies depending on the tier of the unit. Minerals can be used to purchase a variety of things in the game. You can use them to upgrade your main base, buy a new hero, and buy items or mercenaries. Getting minerals is the key to winning the game. To defeat a player, another player must destroy their main base. If a team is the last one with a base left, they are declared the winners.

There are 2 possibles strategies :1/ - Or you choose to purchase a specific heroe, and you only boost him, you buy items for him and you dont up your units.

2/ -Or you boost your units, you upgrade your base.

Be careful, only a few heroes can be used as the 1/