Defensive shop

Contains miscellaneous items

in total 10 items:

Strenght plates (Q) 350 :

Defensive shop2

Grants +10 Aditional strenght (infinite stack)

Energy Capacitor (W) 350:

Grants +7 intelligence (infinite stack) 

Ring of regeneration (E) 350:

Increases the life regenration rate of the hero by 6 per second. (infinite stack).

Energy relic (A) 350:

Increases's the base energy regeneration rate of hero by 100% (unlimited stack)

Glim (S) 350:

Increases the energy pool of the hero by 125 and grants 2 Armor. (Stack 2 times)

Energy pendant (D) 425:

Grants 200 bonus energy pool (infinite stack)

Standard defense shield (Z) 200:

Reduces physical damage by 15% (stack 2 times)

Circle of nobility (X) 250:

Grants +3 stats to all atributes and +1 health regeneration (unlimited stack)

Percept of vitality (T) 750: 

Increases the hitpoints of the hero by 400 (unlimited stack)

Staff of regeneration (G) 225:

Grants the healing salve buff which regenerates hitpoints over time, if you are damaged the buff is removed. Ulimited amount of uses, restocks every 15 seconds and caps at 2 charges.